Friday, October 14, 2016

"We should do this EVERY Friday night!"

In case I've failed to mention it lately, I'm a huge fan of my school. I love working at the Clubhouse because of our kids, the staff and our administration. On Thursday, in true Falcon fashion, we did something new and amazing: our first pep rally. At the end of the day all of the kids filed into the gym. We recognized every Fall sport and club by having them run across the gym. The cheerleaders performed their competition routine. We called up students of the month to play in a water bottle flipping game and a hanging donut game. We drew raffle prizes for feather winners. Sports captains presented trophies to our principal. It was amazing. 

Tonight I had a mini CILT reunion. Lauren and Annie both live nearby but Aleah and Abby came all the way from West Lafayette to hang out with us. I got to live with these girls during Session 1 this past summer and I'm such a fan of them all. 

Tonight we took turns sharing highs and lows from the past semester and it felt like we were back in the Longhouse. It's easy to just have superficial conversation with friends, and that's still fun and good, but I think we're meant for something greater. The kind of friendship God desires for us is when we are real, genuine and vulnerable with each other. I love that these girls are making space for those kinds of relationships in their lives.

I crashed the Myers house when I got back to Fishers tonight. About 45 seconds later the whole Craig family walked through the door-- including their new goldendoodle Chandler Bing. These 8 people are some of the greats-- we laughed and talked and laughed some more. It was a unanimous decision that this needs to happen on a regular basis.

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