Wednesday, October 12, 2016

"Now instead of Awareness of People With Autism my art project looks like Awareness of a Bouncy Ball."

Above my desk at school is a card that reads, "There is a direct correlation between the level of happiness in one's life and the amount of silliness they allow into it." In a world of water bottle flipping, scrunchies and twitter polls for naming dogs there is room for being goofy. Being serious and boring is overrated my friends. Today was a day of silliness.

Before meeting Smelko for dinner, Maddie and I had a bread stick appetizer at Olive Garden. Did my girl manage to eat 6 bread sticks without a problem? Yes, she did.  Did she still eat dinner an hour later? Of course. 

We both had minor panic attacks when we discovered that Dick's now carries Patagonia. Maddie and I proceeded to try on new better sweaters and convinced ourselves that we didn't need to buy them at that exact moment. 

SMELKO CAME TO PLAY! She is a gem my friends-- I wish everyone could have a Smelko in their life. Maddie finally got to meet her twin when we face timed Peyton-- dreams come true!

Cheer moms Smelko and Sar dropped Maddie off at cheer. She was delighted to say the least. Lucky for us, a dozen other girls we know were all there practicing with their teams and we got to wave at them on the floor.

Smelko and I filled the rest of the night with favorite things-- Watercolors, friendship bracelet string, Wilderness videos, Ben Rector, Ally Reid, Diet Coke, life talks, silliness. It was the best.

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