Wednesday, October 5, 2016

"What kind of babies would two people like that make?" "I don't know-- but they'd be awesome." Clubhouse takes Camp T Day 3

Session 1 has rolled out and Session 2 has arrived-- we've got 299 new faces in River Village my friends

My gal pals Maddie, Hools and Erin have arrived.

Bethie arrived and I yelled, "THAT'S MY MOM!" and ran across Main Field.

Our homie Lucy Dewolf is here, another Camp T summer camper. Lexi Jolly is a rock star. Julia Washburn wore the greatest outfit I've ever seen.

Hools outfitted her kids in kitten-unicorn tshirts-- they're her best group of three years.

The Brown brothers have reunited at Camp T. I love that Jenna Jenkins screams, "HI MISS WRIGHT!" when she sees me here no matter how far apart we are.

Ellyn played some sports-- it's ironic because this is very similar to one of her Senior photos.

HODGIN IS HERE! He's just the greatest of them all. These days we just get to reunite on the Camp T and DC field trips.

Holden Malone is one of my fav gal pals-- this child has enough energy for 10 kids.

Ellyn's idol Brad Jackson is back for round 2 of Hopper-rama and stories tonight.


Shub, the old hag and the Queen Bee, is finally a Camp T counselor. She's gonna kill it.

Look out-- all 3 of the Dewolf kids are here. Lucy, Hools and Jack are taking ever.

Lori took over nominations tonight and I dare say it was the best it's ever been.

Just Dance is the best part of every single night. I wish that everyone could witness the magic that happens in this room.

All the best nights end with a pizza party-- am I right, or am I right?

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