Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful for...

a job that I love waking up to go to everyday
students that are creative, entertaining, smart, kind, and precious
pizza and Diet Coke for Thanksgiving day dinner
my relationship with Christ and how he is in control of my life
all the girls in the FBC
whoever invented texting
Camp Tecumseh; Team CILT, Choctaw 3 years strong, the RV, chapels, devotions in a circle, friendship that last a lifetime, being a part of something greater then myself, experiencing a bit of heaven on earth
bagels with cream cheese in the morning
attending Common Ground every Sunday
my parents
roommates and an apartment that feel like family and a home
hanging out with Molls
staying connected to Fitz across the country
health insurance
my new infinity scarf
books that I can't put down, songs I listen to on repeat, and TV shows I weekly watch on Hulu
working with people that are excited about what they do
vanilla lattes
the Young Life community in Carmel and that we get to "serve, dream, pray and be doers together as a community and that there is nothing else I want more than to be doing it all together"
mornings I get to sleep past 6
sitting in circles talking with friends
hanging out with Racher
handwritten letters and decorated envelopes
DC and adventures with Brown Bear
Doodles, Cold Tangerines, Don't Waste Your Cancer, Living An Intentional Life
the Hunger Games series
good health for the people I love
collaging with Dommer
running outside
high of the day texts from Annie
Top 10 lists
pictures of people I love
opportunities to have fun
seeing Katie and Nick
eating lunch with Amanda and Kathy
God's grace
things to look forward to

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