Monday, November 29, 2010

We show up

I was sitting on one end of the big, brown, wrap-a-round couch at Campaigners tonight looking at all the kids around the room and thinking about how cool it all was. These leaders and these kids show up every Monday night because they want to be here. No is making them. No one gets paid. You're not getting a grade. You won't get a prize.

These kids show up because they are craving this community, a night of something real, a conversation about what really matters.

We show up and hug our friends. We show up and sing Amazing Love, Come Thou Fount, In Christ Alone. We show up and sit in circles. We show up talk about what it would look like to make God our number one priority. We show up and pray together.

I don't know why people have to die, why parents fight, why friends don't always act like friends, why people have eating disorders, why relationships don't work out the way we want them. I just know that those things are hard.

But like Sarah said tonight, living life with God is the best way to make this life work. Making God my first priority is a choice I have to make everyday over and over again. It can't just be this thing I say I believe but don't follow through with.

So we must continue to make that choice everyday and keep showing up.

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