Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Overlapping to the extreme

I just keep thinking that today was SO great.

Shelby and I met for breakfast at Panera. I miss living with her everyday- Dynamite parties, devotions together, matching outfits on accident everyday, writing lists together, teaching Spanish clinic. Today we got to brainstorm for the CILT reunion. I love anytime when I get to talk about camp and I was so happy to be with Shelbs.

Conveniently, once again, I didn't have school but Carmel did so I got to go to lunch to visit kids. Most leaders can do this on a regular basis but I only can about once a semester so I was very excited. Shelbs and I found Ellyn and Sam right away and walked with them to the cafeteria. Jenna, another YL leader, joined soon and stayed for the rest of the lunches. Carmel is gigantic so I was surprised that we continually ran into camp and Young Life kids. I was so happy to see Ellyn, Sam, Emily, Emmie, Mackie, Kristine, Molly, Ricki, Natalie, Avery, Sormeh, Sophie, Claire, Kara, Hannah, Alex, Sarah, Taylor, Kate, David, Ellie, and Meredith. 

I met up with Dommer for lunch at Paradise. I'm so thankful this girl is a part of my life. We sat and told stories while we ate. I love hearing about her latest adventures and endeavors. Allison and Paulina joined us. I think one of my very favorite things is just being able to sit and talk with friends when no one has anywhere else to be and you can just keep talking for hours.

I drove back home and met my parents for dinner at Olive Garden, a Wright fam fav, and it was so good to see them. I am lucky to have parents that care so much about me and want to know all about my life.

I picked up Arielle-Face and we drove out to the Rock Creek house. Boon, their new puppy was jumping around and we sat and talked for a couple hours telling new and old stories.

I love that holidays allow time for seeing so many wonderful people.

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