Tuesday, November 30, 2010

True Life- I spend my night at Young Life

Seeing friends that you've been away from for a long time is one of my very favorite things. I met Sydne and Alli in Noodle's today and even the workers commented on how excited the three of us were to see each other.

Over bowls of stringy mac & cheese we talked about school, dance, cheer, sisters, our high and low of the semester, Harry Potter, camp, the CILT reunion (11 days away!), school friends, and more camp. I love these girls. Initially they both seem quiet and reserved but they are both so full of life, kindness, patience, and beauty.

Battle of the Century- BOYS V GIRLS CLUB

(insert screaming here)

I love that this theme has become such an anticipated event. Girls wear pink. Boys wear black. Girls rule. Boys drool. Etc.

We sing songs like Complicated, Picture to Burn, Apologize and Since You Been Gone.

We had show downs of math facts, turning clothes inside out, drinking a monster, eating Saltines, splitting up Skittles, wall sits, singing along with an iPod, fastest text, blowing up a balloon until it popped, and a handstand.

All culminating in a massive toilet paper fight.

Jake gave an awesome talk and then we finished the way we've been finishing all semester- singing Lay My Burdens Down in a circle.

After club we celebrated the past semester with cupcakes and talking about our favorite moments. I love this team. I love being able to see kid's lives changing. I love seeing God in action. I love that I'm continually learning what it means to serve.

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