Friday, November 26, 2010

Noodle Intensity

Grace (mentor girl, former camper, fellow counselor, pen-pal, one of my favorite people) is a vlogger. What is a vlog? A video log--similar to a blog.... web log.

Grace has been working on a vlog project this year with two of her best friends, Elizabeth and Erika, called Noodle Intensity.  I started watching their videos yesterday and now I can't stop and I really wanted to share the linked one with you.

After following other vloggers the girls started their own channel and have over 40 videos. The rules are that Elizabeth posts Monday, Erika posts Wednesday, Grace posts Friday, they post together once a month and if anyone breaks a rule the other girls get to pick their punishment (i.e. going to swim practice or drinking sweet tea while listening to the Miley Cyrus movie soundtrack).

Their posts are creative, fun, hilarious, weird, entertaining and you should go check them out. I've loved Elizabeth's robot vocals, Erika's narrations/family videos/walk through the woods, and Grace's creative shots, 10 favorite things, and clips with Emily.

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