Saturday, November 27, 2010

"It's like being in a really unexciting episode of CSI"

This morning I met Sarah Scott for breakfast. We met at Girls State (aka Government Camp) in the summer of 2004 and quickly became friends. Only two summers together on staff and we have stayed close. Sarah went to Vanderbilt, spent a year working for Manna in Ecuador, and is now a medical student at Vanderbilt--to summarize she is really cool and smart.

I love that I haven't seen her for a year but we can just sit down and talk like no time has passed. 
She came back with me to see the apartment but when we walked in we found this.

We had been BURGLARIZED! I'm more annoyed than anything. They broke in our door, took my TV and remote control and left through the front door. Nothing else was touched or disturbed.

Sarah stuck around for moral support and we spent the next 4 hours with 2 cops, 1 detective, an fingerprint-DNA-photo-gatherer, and a maintenance woman.

Multiple times I explained the very anti-climactic story and that "No, I don't have any enemies. No, we haven't thrown any parties. No, I really don't have any enemies."

Sarah and I sat on the couch freezing (because there was no door) and ordered a pizza. We burst out laughing when we noticed this on the side of the box. Strange day.

The maintenance woman ended up just totally replacing our door.

I was relieved when it was finally finished and we could lock it to feel safe and sound again.
Sarah and I also went kind of stir crazy while we were waiting.

My friends Taylor and Al showed up with a McDonald's Diet Coke for me and then we headed to Goodwill. These girls are kind of ridiculous. They found flannels, sweaters, a satchel, sweatshirts, and an incredibly beautiful dress that Al wouldn't buy.

Later we gathered roommates, mat snatchers and Young Life girls to hang out and decorate for Christmas. Scottie is very particular about his decorations. He hates these lights but we really like them. He brought down trunks of lights, fake snow, decorations, and sparkly sticks.

He put on all the white decorations and the snow before he quit. We took over to make it fit in a little better and added some color and pizazz.

It was just really perfect to hang out and not worry about anything. I love these people and it was wonderful to have everyone together.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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