Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Holiday

I love airports. I love the people watching, getting a vanilla latte from Starbucks before my flight, perusing through a magazine, and I always want to (better never get to) play the airport waiting game.
First I flew to Baltimore.

Katie picked me up and we went to her school for the day. After chasing kindergartners down the hallway and having a crying little girl sit on my lap we picked up Nick and started the short drive to Grandmother's house. 10 hours later... We finally made it to New Hampshire.

Nick went above and beyond mastering the minute to win it challenge of stacking 3 golf balls. Impressive.

My favorite Christmas tradition is opening stockings right when we wake up. No matter where we are for Christmas we always bring our stockings along.

After stockings we eat cinnamon rolls, bacon, eggs, and coffee.

Then it's time for tree presents.

Just when she thought all the presents had been opened we brought out an extra special one for grandma with air holes poked in the box.

A CAT! He walks and shakes his head and kind of purrs. He'll be a great companion.

Time at Kendall at Hanover always calls for ping-pong. We were dying laughing as Mom, Kate, Nick and I attempted run-around.

The Wrights always play 5-crowns and drink our tonic with lime about once a day too. After dinner we joined four of grandma's friends for Mexican Train Dominoes in the game room. Two and a half hours later we made it all the way through the double-blank domino.

Then today was one of my favorite traditions- Lui Lui for pizza! In all our trips out East I don't think we've ever missed a trip to this restaurant. This fountain and the giant tomato oven are key landmarks.

Best. Pizza. Ever.

Katie, Nick and I packed up ham sandwiches for the trip and drove to Vermont to stay with our friends the Maynards. They lived at camp a long time a go and now send their girls in the summer each year. It was so fun to visit their house and see their life here.

Cate got us to play Lego Harry Potter Wii, Lego Star Wars Wii, and Resort Island Wii. She also sings all of Potter Puppet Pals.

My high of the day was sitting on the couch watching music videos and singing all of the TSwift songs with the other Sarah.

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