Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It feels like christmas

After a snow day and 2-hour delay we finally made it back to school. The teachers are all dressing up this week for the holidays and today was gaudy sweaters/socks day. I came to school wearing a long Christmas sweater from Goodwill with one of my Mom's old Talbot's Christmas button up sweaters over it. I borrowed Sarah's Christmas socks and rolled up my jeans so you could see the snowmen.

During first period Brooke said, "Ummm, are the teachers dressing up today?"

I laughed, "Brooke, do you think I just dress like this?"

She said, "Ummm, I wasn't sure."

A plus of being a teacher at Christmas is all the teacher treats- baked goods, chocolate and gift certificates galore. The handwritten notes from the kids are my favorite part. I can't believe I only have these students in class for three more days.

Taylor is back from college and I kidnapped her after school today for McDonald's Diet Coke and to print pictures from the reunion. We experienced the most awkward to trip to Wal-Mart I've ever had in my life. I love laughing with her and am so glad she's back for a month.

Our Young Life team had dinner together tonight at Bub's. Shauna is leaving to go back to Holland to start her own furniture business and wanted to let everyone know. We were all eating our burgers and waffle fries and Chris said, "We should do this a lot more guys." He's right, eating dinner with all of us together is always fun.

After the reunion Beef set up a group on facebook for all of the CILTs to post prayer requests and prayers for each other. It's already been such a blessing and great way to connect. Tonight we discovered that you can group facebook chat- amazing. We just shared our high and low of the day with everyone that was online. At times like this I love technology.

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  1. 1. i wish i could meet brooke after hearing so much about her!
    2. i am super bummed i missed this high and low chat.