Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This makes it feel like Christmas.

I've been playing the Top 10 game with some friends lately and we've made some good lists and I've learned about my friends: 

Top 10 Things I've Learned in the Past Year
Top 10 New People in my Life and Something I Learned From Them
Top 10 Things I Believe 
Top 10 Qualities of a Friend/ Someone Who Has It

Molly has started this project that she calls "The Wall O' Fun". The only pictures that are allowed to be on it are pictures of when she was really, really having fun. So she doesn't put up pictures that she looked the cutest in or of the biggest events- just the really fun ones. This is going up on the wall.

Tonight I'm asking friends, "What's your favorite Christmas tradition?" These responses are just making me so happy.

  • I like that we open presents in the same order every year.
  • Every year about a week before Christmas my mom, sister and me and two of our friends have a Christmas cookie baking day. We've done it every single year since I was four and it's so fun. We jam to Christmas music while making numerous varieties of cookies and frost them. 
  • Cinnamon rolls and egg casserole for breakfast!
  • Opening stockings!
  • Making Christmas cookies with the fam.
  • Family breakfast Christmas morning.
  • Baking Christmas bread at my yia yias house. Greek tradition.
  • All of the McGills making a different appetizer for the Christmas Eve dinner.
  • Everyone hanging out in their pjs, drinking coffee all morning before Mass. Usually Dad, Mom, and I workout so we're never just in pjs together.
  • Getting McDonald's fries and going to look at Christmas lights. On Christmas Eve me and my sisters exchange gifts.
  • Reading the Polar Express.
  • Singing Christmas carols Christmas Eve youngest to oldest (3 years to 77 years old) about 27 people!
  • Watching a Christmas story after we open presents and saying all the funny parts with Jimmy and Joey!
  • Singing Christmas carols. Like all the time, I sing non-stop for 24 hours. I especially like doing it with Kelsey and Neil when we're doing dishes.
  • Candlelight Christmas Eve service.
  • Sleeping in the same room as my siblings Christmas Eve.
  • My family all coming over on Christmas Eve.
  • Baking cookies with all my friends. Then making a gingerbread house in the same day.
  • Running in the snow/cold.
  • Homemade sibling presents. We made a policy about 8 years ago and they have been way better since.
  • Having my mom read my sisters and me a children's Christmas book on Christmas Eve while we eat peppermint stick ice-cream.
  • Christmas Eve service followed by a fondue dinner followed by presents from siblings.
  • Watching the Christmas Story with my family.
  • Waiting at the top of the stairs Christmas morning with my sisters. Ellen gets so excited and comes and wakes us up super early. Then we have to wait for everyone at the top of the stairs. Mom takes an ugly picture of us when we're still half asleep.
  • Christmas music. I'd listen to it all year if my roommates wouldn't hate me for it.
  • Going to church on Christmas Eve with my family. Simple but I love it.
  • Seeing people's surprised faces when they open their gifts.
  • Decorating gingerbread houses with my grandma and eating all the candy when she isn't looking!
  • Christmas shopping with my best friend Emily right after finals end.
  • Dressing up as the grinch characters and doing a reenactment.
  • Reading the Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve with a fire and a cup of egg nog.
  • Christmas Eve family reunion.
  • Angel chimes- they are these candles that make these angels spin and hit these bells. It makes such a pretty sound.
  • Me, Jimmy, and Joe take turns being Santa on Christmas morning and passing out presents. And cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
  • Christmas Eve mass with the entire Fitz clan, and the late night drive home singing Christmas songs with my dad.

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