Monday, December 6, 2010

"I think I'm going to be sick... I think I ate 15"

About a month ago my 7th period class won 100% participation for the school read-a-thon and raised over $730 for new books. I knew that this class was the perfect combination of kids to read us to a victory. Our prize was an all you can eat cupcake party.

Mrs. Gundrum made over a hundred funfetti and chocolate mini-cupcakes. There were plates of Christmas m & ms, sprinkles, and candy-canes.

I made a Christmas tree

and Taylor made this.

I tried to make a snowman but he kind of has a duck beak.

These are Sean's mixed emotions.

I made a basketball for Abby because she just made the team and is very excited about it.

This is a tree... for camp... and nature-lovers... and the hope that Spring will come.

Winter stacked everyone's wrappers. We ate SO many delicious cupcakes.

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