Saturday, December 4, 2010

"I think this quilt camp thing is okay"

Quilt camp days are busy. We finished half the blocks last night and started sewing type c and d as soon as we finished breakfast.

The Hot Chocolate Club had an adventure at lunch- a trip on the Chariot to the Sheu for polka-dot pizza, a polka-dot chocolate treat, the airport waiting game and a human ladder race.

We have SO many fun girls. I really liked when one of the new ones said, "I think this Quilt Camp thing is okay," as she was eating pepperoni pizza.

Back to quilting with Mom and Sar. We really liked occasionally breaking out in song, playing with Katie, and listening to all the conversations going on in the room.

Figured out we could make a bandana bracelet with fabric scraps.

Katie colored a picture for Sarah and Sarah.

We're SO close!

Sar is great at binding.

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