Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Sarah, stop laughing- READ!" -Katie DK

We finished our week at grandma's with a fun dinner at Jesse's last night.

It was such a blessing to be able to all be together in New Hampshire this break.

Well we're anticipating our departure and Katie, my dear sister, is begging me to give her my new copy of "The Unidentified" which I've been reading the last few days. I still had a chunk left so I've been reading all morning trying to finish.

You see, Katie is a book blogger and had just finished writing her review of "The Scorch Trials" and wanted "The Unidentified" to be her first review in 2011.

So I was reading all morning and wasn't allowed to talk or laugh or anything because I had to finish. It was time to board the Dartmouth Coach to the airport and I had about eight pages left.

My brilliant plan was to take pictures of all the remaining pages.

Once on the bus I loaded the pictures.

And now I'm done!

"The Unidentified" is about a high school of the future. Now called The Game, students are consumers defining their individual education. Students choose everything from their level of play, submitting answers for points, and adjusting their intouch Profile on the network. Sponsors brand trendsetters and fund their future... for a trade-off. I loved Kid and her quirky confidence even before her popularity inflation. I loved the mystery, intrigue and deception of all the characters as the story unfolded.

Now in true Jessica's Daily Affirmation (and Session 3 CILTs) style: I love this bus. I love the wi-fi. I love watching the Karate Kid. I love my bag of pretzels. I love that I'm not car sick. I love that I get to read Jellicoe Road next. I love that I get to go to a birthday/new years party tomorrow.


  1. I love it. I'm definitely linking to this when I finally post my review. Thanks for hurrying up and reading!! Are you liking Jellicoe Road yet?????

  2. Well I read the whole plane ride home so now I'm at like 180 I think. I like the modern story but don't really get the one about the five people from a long time ago. I want to see the tree house.