Sunday, December 12, 2010

We are blessed.

CILT Reunion- Day 2

My alarm went off at 7:30 and just like in the summer I rolled over to turn on "This Side" by Nickel Creek to slowly wake up the girls. I think there was someone sleeping in every square inch of the room.

After a baked oatmeal breakfast Seth and Mel led songfest. I miss singing those songs every morning. We all miss having that corporate worship a regular part of our routine. I stood at the front with the other counselors and could look out at all of the CILTs faces as we sang Great Is He, In Christ Alone, and Prince of Peace. I'm so thankful for how God has blessed us and how he is working in each one of our lives. God is good.

We played Norwegian nose dive. Everyone wanted to be the first to accomplish each balancing challenge- every round was hilarious.

I love that as the weekend progresses the sessions inter-mingle and new friends are made.

This winter reunion tradition was sparked by an idea that Fitzie had in the summer of 2008. Now here we are three reunions later bringing people back to their favorite place in the middle of December.

I love being back with Shelby and Kaitlin- two of the greatest counselors I have ever worked with. They believe in the purpose of camp and I loved watching them interact with all of our campers again.

Everyone participated in the Ultimate Challenge and bubble-gum pictionary.

I love the airport waiting game... and Rae's goofiness... and Emily crumping in her chair.

A good dance party is always necessary... so we had one for about an hour.

Having a train following Mel and copying her motions during Waving Flag was one of my favorite parts.

These are a great snapshot of our collective experiences:

After lunch we had to pack up and say good-bye. We all dread good-byes and it seemed like our time together just went too fast but I'm so thankful everyone was able to come.

While we waited for parents to arrive we had plenty of time to take pictures in the snow.

And to sing "The World's Greatest" in the parking lot.

These are incredible people.

They are great friends who care for each other well.

They are funny, brave, kind, and creative.

They bring joy to the people around them.

I heard Mel say multiple times that they all have so much potential. She's right.

I have no doubt they will continue to do incredible things as they discover more about who they are and who they want to be.

This weekend is a microcosm of what life should be like.

Living life to the full with people you love.

I wish it could have lasted longer but I know we will stay in touch.

As my friend Grace once told me,

"My favorite times of the year are when our lives overlap."

Best weekend ever.

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