Thursday, December 16, 2010

High(s) of the Day

Waking up to find we had ANOTHER two hour delay.

We wrote Christmas stories in class all day but then in 7th period, with the students that know each other the best, I decided to try the devotion writing project. Everyone starts with their name on a piece of paper and then you pass them around the circle telling the person why they're great. My hand cramped up writing on their papers and I got to sneak a peak at what they were writing on each other's. They are precious.

Last FBC of the semester = turning in sweatshirt order forms, the shapes game, the heart bracelet.

We really like white string comparatively.

One girl was showing me her heart and pulled down my sleeve to look at these. I told her, "Don't worry, we're learning these next semester."

She looked up at me with wide eyes, "Uhhhh, I'm scared of those."

Aren't they all so pretty?

 Based on our friend Alli's suggestion, Molly and I went to Pizzology for dinner tonight. One of the top reasons we're friends is because we love pizza. (The list also includes things like small children, winter coats that aren't necessarily trendy, CR-Vs, campT, the new FBC sweatshirt and Jesus)

Even though it made me stay up too late I took opportunities to go play Risk with some of my friends. Mary Ellen and I were the Red Guys (yes, that's the name of our army) and we owned all of Australia and some territories in Asia when I left.

I got to talk on the phone today to Ruth and Casey, two of my favorite friends. I haven't been good at staying in touch with them lately and it was great to hear their voices.

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