Saturday, December 18, 2010

"You guys are maybe the weirdest people I've ever met- except Ellyn"

I love playing board games but rarely get the opportunity to anymore. Last weekend I beat Kraft, Jordan, and Adam at Monopoly so I felt ready to take on Cranium tonight.

Karate chop...

Maddie watching Ellyn act.

I haven't seen Brunner since camp. It was so wonderful seeing her tonight- talking about camp at dinner, partners in Cranium, laughing/screaming really loud. I love this girl.

Ellyn made a scavenger hunt for Sarah to follow when she got home. It eventually led her to the fridge to find Ellyn and get a high five.

Then Keefer joined us.

 We decided after numerous distractions to stop the game and declare Shauna and Ashlee the winners.

Susan and Dom ended up showing up too...and tackling each other...and throwing food at each other...and playing with melted wax...and washing our dishes...and talking about school...

I love Christmas break because suddenly everyone is in one place and has free time to just hang out with friends.

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