Monday, March 19, 2012

"And he wrote it on a scroll." "Oh yeah, because of the Bible..."

I like finishing a really good book and then just holding onto it for a little bit because I don't want it to be over.
I like making myself run even if I don't feel like it.
I like how good lemonade tastes when it's really sunny.
I like talking to Taylor Porter all the way in CO.
I like laughing really hard with Mark and Tony.
I like how excited Mary Ellen gets to see everyone.
I like when we get sloppy joes and potato chips for dinner because then it feels even more like summer.

I like how everyone runs to hug their friends when they get to Campaigners.
I like when we all want to take a lot of fun pictures.
I like when no one in concerned about being too weird.
I like getting to sing Mighty To Save, From the Inside Out, The Stand and Give Me Faith all in the same night.
I like hearing how we shouldn't take a personal relationship with God for granted--we can know his will and his nature.

I like playing If You Really Knew Me You Would Know.
I like being part of a group that trusts and respects each other enough to tell the truth.
I like finding out new things about people.
I like when I know that God is telling me to start a conversation, or send a text or ask a question.
I like when God's timing is perfect.

I like talking to Ellie Pearl all the way in IL.
I like having devotion conversations via text with camp girls.
I like getting a letter and lists from Kraft.
I like when Mags puts in a lot of effort to talk to me... and when she tells me really surprising things.
I like that Katie Dixon screamed when she saw me on Skype.

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  1. I imagine that God frequently tells you to send texts.