Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Today was one of the great ones

Did you know National Friendship Bracelet Club Day is coming up? It's this Thursday. Better find your FBC sweatshirt and make a trip to your nearest craft store for some bright new threads.

I've been writing letters to some of my FBC girls, telling them why I think they're so great and such, and giving them each a friendship bracelet. Today I gave Katy hers during SLT. When I got home I found a letter and friendship bracelet from Katy in the mail--a perfect swap.

Today was gorgeous. I love these days when it seems like everyone is in such a good mood because the sun is shining and summer seems almost close enough to touch. We have to wear sunglasses while we're driving again, a rainbow of Nike shorts start popping up brighter than the tulips that bloom in Holland, and you do everything you can to stay outside.

After running I picked up Rachel and we headed West to Greencastle to visit some of our favorite people. We had garlic cheeseburgers at Marvin's, a Depauw dietary staple, and sat out on the porch talking till the sun started to go down.

This regular Tuesday was anything but regular because we got to play with Grace, Coll, Mary Brody, Mary Ardery and Chrissy Crowe. In college you get used to having so many of your friends close by everyday, never more than a few blocks away. Today was a treat to be with these friends.

We played a little basketball, walked through the Quad, Coll and I played Yearbook, I traded cards with Chrissy (she and Erin are making friendship bracelets together), sat in Alpha Phi talking, and got excited about what the next few months and summer will bring.

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