Thursday, March 15, 2012

"I have a disease, it's called cuteness." National FBC Day 2012

One of my favorite days of the year, National Friendship Bracelet Day has arrived. The girls in the Junior High are wearing their sweatshirts, camp friends are all tweeting about the day, and everyone is filling their wrists with their favorite jewelry. 

I love having friends all over the place that are celebrating together even if we're miles apart.


Kayla and Emily, Lizzy


Ellie and Jocele, Steph

Katie and Katie, Sam and Niki

Sarah and Alli

Michelle aka Peanut

Twitter loves FBC day

The FBC celebrated with sweatshirts, FBC shaped cookies (can you see the letters?), a walk around the school, a photo shoot of happiness and bandanna bracelets.

The National Friendship Bracelet Day party continued this evening. Kaitlyn, Lizzy, Erin, Alli and I made bracelets, listened to TSwift Pandora and ate funfetti cupcakes together. It was so fun spending time with these girls.



Maggie and Jocele

Soaps growing out her friendship bracelet beard, Sarah and Ben

Maddie and Britt

Grace in the airport, I think she should get bonus points for this

Vettie and Sarah Mooney

Lauren and Sadie, BABY LINCOLN!

Happy National Friendship Bracelet Day--way to live a life of celebration everyone. Days like this remind me how much your attitude impacts your day, that thoughtful gifts like friendship bracelets are often the most valuable, and how important it is to connect with friends. Keep calm and friendship bracelet on.


  1. Yaaay! Happy FBC Day!!! Do you think the girl in the dress noticed that she wasn't actually wearing her FBC shirt? And those cookies were awesome!

  2. I loved all the pictures,, Especially the surprise guest appearance of BABY LINCOLN!!! he looked like he was just as excited as everyone else!!
    TRUE, the girl in the airport gets double bonus points. Sharing FBC with the's a life changer!
    Hooray for all of you...way to CELEBRATE!!
    P.S. The two girls jumping as high as a tree , had to be on a trampoline???? Peace sign guy , with no head , and Ben get bonus points too. Just doing their part!!