Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Molting molar and twitchmeister forever.

Life is not perfect all the time.

Most of the time I write just about the good things because that's what I want to remember, that's what I want to be my focus, that's what gives me hope that tomorrow is going to be good too. But sometimes students don't listen well or they staple their paper on the right every single time or they ask questions they already know the answer too. And sometimes we lose people we love or we wake up late and feel rushed all day or we have so much to do it feels like it'll never get finished. Sometimes life is not perfect. And that's ok.

And when life isn't perfect that's exactly when I want to have the vision to look through the hard and difficult moments to see the great things, the blessings of the day. That's why we keep practicing positivity and optimism. Because having this attitude is not something you're born with, it's something you work at and practice.

Today I got to wear a wolf shirt, had chili for lunch, cheered on Samantha and Megan at their track meet, was surprised to see Emily, Rachel and Courtney too, ate dinner and got ice-cream with Colleen, unwound the tie-dyes from Tuesday and they're SO fun.

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