Friday, March 16, 2012

"We crossed a gorge with the bridge out and electrified rails... it wasn't too intense."

I was anxiously awaiting the bell to ring after SLT all day long. Not because I was anxious for the weekend, but because I couldn't wait for the dodgeball competition. Sixteen teams, comprised of one teacher, three boys and three girls, we're participating in a bracket competition today. I drafted my team early based on their ability to have fun and I was so proud of my kids. They decided we should be Team Kony 2012 and I insisted on the potholder headbands--we looked good.

We faced off against the strongest 8th grade team in the first round. I tried to convince them that we could be the underdog team and come out of victorious but unfortunately we lost that first game. It was still really fun though. Every time had made team shirts and everyone was sure that their team would come out on top. I loved seeing both the kids and teachers battle on the court and sitting in the stands with my students. Two unlikely teams made it to the final round and a group of 7th graders were the grand champions. I wish we could do this every week.

I was so excited Annie Aderman and I had Noodles together tonight. Getting to eat outside in the eighty degree weather was perfect, I'm pretty sure summer has arrived. I met Annie during Session 1 of CILTs this past summer and I love that I keep getting to know her better this year. She is funny, sincere and genuine, so kind-hearted, fiercely loyal, patient and honest. Just sitting and talking was one of my favorite parts of the day.

Holy cow, Casey Dawson is living in Hong Kong, China. That's just so far away. Like twelve hours time difference far. So when I got home tonight she was just waking up on Saturday morning. We've written letters but haven't really talked since her big move. It was such a blessing to hear her voice, see her face and know that one of my best friends was there for me even if we're half a world apart.

I love how Casey is always want to think through and analyze and figure things out. She is a processor. Tonight I loved hearing all about her life in Hong Kong--what she's learning, what and whom she's missing, why she thinks she's there right now and what comes next. Case face was one of my dearest friends at both Hope and Camp and we've spent countless hours talking like this, sharing our hearts and I'm so thankful for a friend that cares so much about me. Our parents have both decided to retire about twenty minutes apart so we're pretty confident that we're going to be friends for life. I like that idea a lot.


  1. Love the shirts. Masking tape and spray paint, maybe? They turned out awesome. How long is Casey living in China?

  2. Yep. We used to make them in HS and college too. So easy and cheap. She's there about two more months with her internship in PR.

  3. always excited to know my quote is the blog title

  4. always excited to know my quote is the blog title