Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Our fearlessness shall be our secret weapon and the tales of our exploits will survive as long as the human voice itself."

Saturday morning I got to have breakfast with my Mom at Patachou, one of our favorite places, before driving across Indy. We got to be a part of a baby shower for our camp friend Joy who is expecting her first child in just a couple weeks. It was so fun to come together with all of these camp people that are connected to Joy and Nick.

This St. Patrick's day was another one of these summer-like days that don't seem to be going away anytime soon. I got to spend the afternoon doing some of my favorite things--crafting, reading, One Tree Hill watching, hanging up pictures, running on the Monon, and a bit of Spring cleaning. All day was a cloud of green and celebration.

The Houghton's hosted a St. Patrick's Day party for friends, mostly Young Life friends because that's just what always ends up happening here. I love this house that seems to always have visitors, kids running from the porch to the living room and back again, friends gathered around the table, and no end to the party in sight.

Ky had created signs for the event and then broke out the crayons later in the night to color with Abby. We taught her to make a Superman S like we learned in elementary school and played the Come Up With A Song That Contains This Word game. She stumped us when we couldn't think of a song that includes Scone. Anybody got one?

These children are gems. Kylie is definitely good at posing these days while Nick still likes dancing around in constant motion while you try to take his picture.

Sunday morning brought breakfast on-the-go with Rach. We ran into Bridget, a CILT from 2010, and Summer, a counselor that lived in the Longhouse when I was a CILT in 2003. Small world. We went to church at Common Ground and then the afternoon unfolded with more of my favorite things. Seriously you have so much more time on the weekend when you don't drive really far away. Another run up the Monon, writing a letter, watched the last episode of One Tree Hill (I'm not really sure what to do now that it's over...), friendship braceleting one of my favorites ever (If I could be a friendship bracelet this would be it), and reading "The Fault In Our Stars" out in the sun.

Mags and Annie Skyped in for a bit to talk about our weekends and prom dress shopping and camp being (kinda) SO soon and friends and what if we lived in the same place and all the other things we talk about.

Then I went and kidnapped Molly to take her on an adventure. The book I'm reading is set in Indianapolis and the characters are constantly visiting places like North Central, Castleton Mall and Holiday Park. I've been to most of the places but never to the 100 Acres that Gus and Hazel Grace go to on a date.

"There was this park behind the museum where a bunch of artists had make big sculptures. I'd heard about it but had never visited. We drove past the museum and parked right next to this basketball court filled with huge blue and red steel arcs that imagined the path of a bouncing ball. We walked down what passes for a hill in Indianapolis to this clearing where kids were climbing all over this huge oversize skeleton. It look like a child's drawing of a skeleton rising up out of the ground... A gaggle of kids made a skeleton into a playground, jumping back and forth among the prosthetic bones."

I really wanted to find the skeleton that I would be able to climb all over. I told Molly to wear her tennis shoes and wear Nike shorts but she didn't know what we were looking for. We ended up finding lots of really fun things to take pictures of as we walked all over the 100 acres behind the museum.

The basketball court ended up being our favorite spot because it was just so fun and climbable.

These yellow benches, twisted and partially buried differently every time, were all over the park. Eventually we kind of accidentally stumbled upon the skeleton.

I had pictured an upright skeleton with his bony feet on the ground and skull reaching up toward the sky... but all the bones were rocks on the ground and you couldn't tell what it was until you got close enough to see the tops of them all.

Not quite what I expected, but it was still fun to leap from the lungs to the spine and over to the leg. Mission accomplished.

Molls and I love to have adventures-- art climbing, TSwift singing, bright color wearing, pizza eating, child waving, picture taking, Huddles eating, Monon walking, story telling, HS-Musical-syle jumping, what-are-we-going-to-do-next? kind of adventures. Louis and Clark wish they could hang out with us.


  1. So interesting. That skeleton does not look at all like what it is supposed to look like. Also, has Molly read the book? B/c I feel that this excursion would be much more meaningful for her if she had.

  2. Nope, she hadn't. But now that she knows it's all in Indy she really wants to. And I totes imagined the skeleton being SO much cooler. Gosh. Oh well. The hoops made up for it.