Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm thankful for...

  1. taco triangle lunch days
  2. having Grace visit after fourth period everyday
  3. how fun it is to have a change of pace when I get to do things like sub for Spanish
  4. coffee. lots of it.
  5. talking to Darian after school
  6. getting shakes and splitting fries at Steak n' Shake
  7. Starbucks cup creations
  8. creative ideas that I've never seen before
  9. Up and all the best lines from Russell and Ellie
  10. students that make me laugh
  11. when kids sing along to Rascal Flatts
  12. the opportunity to pull off another CILT reunion
  13. camp friends
  14. letters from Katie Trchka and Shannon Evoy
  15. new books I can't wait to read
  16. Junior High girl basketball games
  17. parents that are involved in their kid's life
  18. roommate dinners
  19. friends that are incredibly consistent
  20. Patagonia fleeces
  21. talking to girls during FBC while we just sit in a circle together
  22. rest, even if I don't take advantage of it as often as I should
  23. completing a challenge
  24. anticipation of seeing your best friends really soon
  25. a playlist that makes you want to dance
  26. a mirror that tells you to dance
  27. Olivia and Courtney's pictures everyday
  28. texts from Ellie and Karisa
  29. stories from the Air Force
  30. Stephen Kellogg songs like Noelle and 4th of July
  31. talks during passing period
  32. writing love tanks
  33. "I'm scared they're going to search my bun at the airport. I don't like when people touch my hair."
  34. eating lunch with Katy and Maddie
  35. breaking out into song
  36. "If you miss someone it means you're lucky. It means you had someone really special in your life."
  37. my sister
  38. planning with Mel and Arielle
  39. knowing I get to wear a sweatshirt and jeans to school tomorrow
  40. when kids bring me their extra pizza bagel from FACS class
  41. when KLove plays Good Morning on my way to school
  42. my camp contract for another summer of CILTs and knowing that I get to work with four fantastic counselors
  43. FFT emails with Sarah Briggs
  44. texting with lots of friends
  45. "I invest all of my time into smelling good."
  46. getting a friendship bracelet from Malena
  47. coloring notes during SLT
  48. finishing grading papers
  49. how much a Diet Coke can make me feel better
  50. getting people's highs and lows at night


  1. Who in the world wrote #33?? I hope she has the biggest hair in the world if she's afraid the airport will search her BUN. And #49 = yes. And #45... Wow. Is that the same person as #33??

  2. 33 does have really big hair--Mags. 45 is one of my 7th grade boys.