Sunday, March 4, 2012

Who knew six year olds could do back flips?

I got back to Indy from the reunion just in time to make it to the Indiana Elite performance. I was invited to come watch by one of my old students/bible study girls and her mom and couldn't pass up this opportunity. I've read my students papers about competitive cheer and seen pictures but never could have expected what I saw.

I saw about fifteen different groups perform their routines that were a combination of dance, tumbling, lifts, and cheer. The groups of girls ranged from age two to eighteen and I was blown away every time by what they could do.  This was easily one the coolest things I've ever watched and I can't imagine all of the time and work that goes into performances like this. The timing, choreography, facial expressions were all perfect. I still can't get over how cool it was.

I'd come to watch Haleigh perform and hadn't realized how many other girls I would know. In so many of the groups I had about five current or past students. It was so cool to see this side of them, a totally different world from my classroom. All of the girls were in their cheer costumes, huge bows on their perfectly curled ponytails, and bright red lipstick. I was thrilled that they were excited to see me too, yelling "MISS WRIGHT!" across the gym and then running to find me afterwards and introduce me to their moms. They were all so talented and I'm glad I got to see their performances.

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