Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Break has begun!

The 8th graders have begun their Rube Goldberg projects--a complex series of steps designed to accomplish one simple task. Today Maddie and Katy ran into my room to show me their Rube Goldberg's mascot Lamb Chop. I'm obsessed.

The shirts have been unraveled and I'm in love. Especially with numbers one and four, my best work for sure. Number two is the 'dirty little hippie' shirt. Three reminds me of cotton candy. Five is trying to keep up with the rest. Now we're crossing our fingers that they'll stay this cool after they've been rinsed out.

Additional evidence as to why my roommates are great: I get home from school and lay down on the floor at the top of the stairs because I am so completely exhausted. Colleen and Emel then inform that I have to get up and put on my running clothes because we're all going to run today, everyone is the apartment must run, no negotiations. After much complaining I eventually agreed but then laid out my own demands. I would run four miles, Emel had to run five and Colleen had to run six so we would all finish at about the same time. They both agreed to my demands.

After the run I was drinking water and trying to recover but Emel was still bursting with energy and asking if I'd play with her. Usually I'm the person asking people to play. So we dumped out bananagrams and spelled until Colleen returned.

Colleen and Emel left to buy new bikes and Emily came over so we could get pizza for dinner because that's the best way to start Spring Break.

I'm mostly packed and ready to start the long drive to Florida tomorrow....

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