Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I like...

I like these questions

I like conversations with kids during passing period

"Miss Wright I dressed up like someone from the 80s today- what do you think?"
She was wearing a giant blue headband tied in a bow and blue eyeshadow caked her face. She looked fantastic. Before she went back to her class across the hall she told me, "I have to do something interesting every now and then, otherwise I'll lose my character." Brilliant.
I want to do something today to make sure I don't lose my character.

I like talking about Social Excellence and how we can implement it

I like running outside and people watching on the Monon
I like feeling organized
I like hanging out with Rachel and Emily on Wednesdays

I like getting ice-cream and Brics
I like when Eric is really funny
I like Survivor challenges
I like when you go to bed knowing today was a really good day

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