Monday, March 12, 2012

"Do you ever get inspired to do stupid stuff? I spent $100 on my turtle and dog today."

Let's be honest, I wasn't ready for the week to begin. I had such a good weekend in Chicago, came back to a Chick Flick Sunday with Molls and Rach and just really couldn't imagine going back to school. But you know what? Today turned out to be pretty great. 

My students talked about Rules for Life and created their own personal manifestos. I love trying to make them think outside the box.

I ate lunch with Maddie and Katy today and heard all about how Katy is basically a baby whisperer. 

Finally committed to having the National FBC club this week, girls made signs during SLT announcing the party.

After school I got to hang out with the female members of my dodge ball tournament team. We're competing this Friday and needed to make our team shirts. Jack suggested our team name be "Kony 2012" and everyone else agreed. So we're doing the old tape down letters, spray with spray paint, peel off letters t-shirt trick. You'll get to see the finished product later this week.

After we made the shirts, the girls and I walked to get Yogurtz because it was so beautiful outside. There was a thunderstorm this morning, but this afternoon it felt like summer. I loved getting to just hang out with them and talk for so long. I really love these girls a lot and am glad that I get to share life with them.

Leadership got cancelled but I took a spontaneous trip to Dick's and found new Nike shorts on sale that I had to get because I can't get camp off my mind.

We missed the girls at Deca and the Butler YL leaders at Campaigners, but our group was still really great tonight. I love that it's part of our weekly routine to share life and talk about real stuff together. I can't believe we only have 9-weeks left of this year.

I'm so glad that Mags is home from zip-lining and playing with monkeys and children in Costa Rica. Gosh I missed her a lot. Life is just better when I get to talk to her. I'm so thankful for a friend like her that continually teaches me how to unselfishly care about others.

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