Thursday, March 8, 2012

Love, your favorite little finger monkey

Today was exciting because of all they hype around Kony 2012. Kids were yelling about it in the hallway and making posters to hang in teacher's classrooms. During Friendship Bracelet Club all the girls that didn't get to watch the video in my class or in art today wanted to see what everyone was talking about. Even the 7th time watching it today I still got chills. FBC was bracelets, potholder headbands and posters today--a montage of creativity.

We had Wyld Life App Club tonight and Tricia got to come hang out with us. I think she is great and it's fun to get to know her better when she is in town visiting. We practiced our speed stacking skills together while the kids arrived.

All of the games tonight were Apps turned into real life games. We played Words With Friends, Draw Something, Tetris, Scoops, Angry Birds...

Sloppy Joe came out as usual with the Wheel of Misfortune. Jenna almost got Sprite in the pants but ended up with pie in the face.

My favorite App game tonight was Temple Run. The kids got chased by a monkey through the maze and screamed the whole way.

Days like today feel like a marathon but they're worth it. I got to talk to Annie while I packed for Chicago--we're just SO excited to see each other. It's going to be a great weekend.


  1. Please explain how you played Tetris in real life. With details. Thank you.

  2. Well. They made tetris pieces for each group and then we had to fit them together into a rectangle.... so you might also recognize this game by the name "puzzle"