Tuesday, September 3, 2013

35. stopping in Main Field to look up at the stars

On this #awesometuesday we watched Jessica's Daily Affirmations and then wrote our own lists of things we think are awesome. I wrote along with my students each class period and got my list to 201 awesome things. It was my friend Fitzie from Tecumseh that first got me hooked on making lists of things I love. This practice always reminds me that I have so many things to be thankful for.
I posted the picture of my lists on Instagram and was excited to read comments and get texts from people who said they were going to make their own list today.
This afternoon I went to the Hamilton Country cross country meet. I'm a huge fun of cross country but this meet is the best because HSE and Carmel both run here. As soon as I arrived Grace Andritsch spotted me and attacked me. She is easily one of the greatest people I've ever known. Grace was in my class, ate lunch with me every week of 8th grade, invited me to races with her family and continually shows me how to live life overflowing with joy. Her greeting made my day.
The Carmel soccer girls come to support the runners so I saw my friend Darian right away and then ran into Olivia Benz. Both are Camp Tecumseh kids but I often see them in Indy through Carmel YL too. I didn't expect to see either of them today but was so glad they were here.

Next I ran into Kacy Gorin, a 2012 CILT, and got so excited. Then by the finish line Kennice, a 2013 CILT, was cheering on all the Carmel runners. One of the best parts of living in Indy is getting to run into camp kids all the time. It was so fun to see these camp girls on #tecumsehtuesday.

Later tonight I stopped in at the first counselor meeting for the Tecumseh field trip. My school will go to camp in a month for our yearly trip. 550 kids go Monday-Wednesday and the other 550 go Wednesday-Friday. I'm lucky enough to get to go the whole week. We bring specially selected high school kids as the counselors and many of them are YL kids. Getting to hang out with them is one of the best parts of the whole trip. Last year Natty B, Sabrina and Peyton were all there and I can't wait to hang out with them and more great kids this year.

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