Thursday, September 5, 2013

"We're leaders for this religious-bible-study-youth-group-fun-thing."

Cross country is my favorite sport. I might have had seasons of hating it while I was a runner, but I hope that someday my kids will choose to be runners. The people who think this sport is boring have got it all wrong. Cross country kids are stereotypically the best, it's low cost, you can practice anywhere at any time, it's a mental as well as physical sport, there are no cuts, everyone gets equal "playing time" whether they're the best or the worst and everyone is so supportive of one another. Today I cheered on the Junior High team as they competed right behind our school. I was so excited when I got attacked by Grace and Rach who came to cheer on their little sisters Audrey and Rylee.  Seriously, these girls are the best.

Next on the itinerary was the Junior High volleyball matches. This was the first time I've gotten to see the girls play this year. Both the 7th and 8th graders dominated in their games against Noblesville. They're all awesome kids and I love getting to be there to support Liz, Hignight and Maddie.

We're in year two of HSE Young Life which is bringing a foundation of kids and knowledge of what worked well in the past and where we can improve. Tonight KCraig, Lori, Ryan and I met with the Juniors and Seniors that are going to serve as Wyld Life leaders this year. Chad, Brannt, Maddy, Natty B, Hannah, Maggie and Cefali are rock stars and I'm so excited to have them on board. They are already consistent YL kids and I'm sure that as they take on this new role they will be growing so much themselves. Tonight we talked about what it looks like to help with Wyld Life and brainstormed ideas of club themes. They're all ready to jump right in.

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