Thursday, September 19, 2013

"I'll meet you at the vomity after school so we can go to doodle sack practice."

My students have been creating board games in class all week. One group has created a vocabulary game of weird words where you have to guess the correct definition. Ava Baby spent a whole night looking up and writing down 100 words just for fun and found some pretty amazing ones that sound really strange. We were laughing in class for five minutes today as she made us guess the words.

Do you know the meaning of these words?

Doodle sack

(definitions of the words are at the bottom of this post...)

Week 2 of Friendship Bracelet Club doesn't get quite the hype but that doesn't mean that the FBC army didn't still show up. This afternoon it was me and 85 kids in the LGI room after school. We somehow squeezed 85 chairs into a giant circle and played Where The Wind Blows. Then we learned how to make the tornado bracelet. For some of them this was easy review but for others it was the first bracelet they'd ever made.

Tonight I went to the High School to watch my volleyball girls play. They dominated their match and easily won in two games. The freshmen finished so quickly we got to watch the JV game and then the Varsity. I love cheering them on, getting a great pass or hit and then sitting with them in the stands.

Lucy, Julia's little sister, brought a whole pack of gymp but didn't know what it was for. I pulled out my counselor skills and taught her how to make a 4-string square. She mastered that quickly and we moved up to level 2, a 4-string twist. Before the night was over I started her on level 3, a 6 string twist. She's a natural.

Without further ado, here are the words I learned from a 7th grader today...

Tittynope- a small quantity of something left over
Winklepicker- style of shoe or boot in the 1950s with a sharp and long pointed toe
Farctate- the state of being stuffed with food (overeating)
Doodle sack- an old English word for bagpipe
Nincompoop- a foolish person
Dipthong- two vowel sounds joined in one syllable to form one speech sound
Viraginity- masculine qualities in a woman
Crapkin- another word for toilet paper
Vomity- an exit or outlet
Turdiform- a word meaning having the form of a bird
Callipygian- having an attractive rear end or nice buns
Morass- a buddy or boggy swamp
Crapulence- discomfort from eating or drinking too much
Cockamamie- absurd, outlandish

Now you can start saying things like this,

"I need more crapkin mom!"
"No morass will ever stop me."

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