Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Daily Letters

Dear Katy and Rachel,
Hanging out with you two (and Alex) is quickly becoming one of my favorite weekly traditions. Thanks for your insights, questions, hearts and laughter. I think we can all agree that queso, chips and salsa was a good choice for our after school snack. We'll have to do that again. Praying for both of you as you keep following after Christ, striving to be vulnerable and prioritizing things that matter.

Dear Olivia,
I'm so glad that I got to see you today! Surprise run-ins are the best and we're doing pretty well at those lately. Let's keep it up.

Dear Pidgeon, Erin, Abby and the rest of the freshmen team,
You are rock stars. It was so fun to get to watch you guys play soccer this afternoon. Despite the desert-like-heat, you fought hard and played well. I think you're just about ready for the World Cup.

Dear Kat,
I still can not believe you drank out of my water bottle while I wasn't looking. My mother would be so upset. She always taught me to not share drinks or chapstick. While I'm willing to forgive you this time, let's not let it happen again.

Dear Camp T HS counselors,
Oh my goodness I can't wait to play at camp with you guys. I'm so excited for you to lead my students and the rest of the 7th graders in just a few weeks. They're going to love you guys. I love that you're already pumped, planning theme days and costumes, getting stoked about skits and who you'll lead your lesson group with. The students will get so much out of these three days but I think you may gain even more in leadership, confidence and responsibility.

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