Sunday, September 8, 2013

"My parents are just happy I actually have friends."

I was pumped to finally get to wear a Jesse G frocket this Friday. (A frocket is a tshirt with a front pocket... frocket.) Jesse G is an awesome organization that my friends KCraig, Hannah and Riley are all a part of. I got to share the story of this company with my students today and challenged them to get involved in some way.

I'll have a whole post in a couple days about Jesse G and the new stuff they've been up to lately. Get pumped- you'll want to be part of it too.

Friday afternoon I went and picked up Molly, a session 2 CILT visiting from Tennessee. We drove to Zionsville where other CILT girls were waiting to meet her for dinner. Molly had planned it out so they wouldn't know I was coming and I got to surprise them when I walked in. The looks on people's faces when they get that excited are the best. Anna, Kiley and Mackenzie wer with us until they had to leave for cheer and soccer. Molly, Tay Hof, Tay Fisch, Claire and I hung out for a long time and then went to hang out at Orange Leaf too before going to the football game.

We made it to the football game by half time and immediately ran into more camp friends. I was attacked by Emily Peterson, session 1, and was so excited to see her. I got to see Julia Plant, the most joyful Pathfinder girl you've ever met, up in the stands and saw more random camp friends like Sophie Wagner, Courtney, Lauren Cross, Maggie, Will Zigert, sisters Collen and Annie, Justin and Blake.

All the CILT girls sat on the bleachers together and though we weren't too invested in the game it was still just fun to be there together. I'm so thankful that this reunion happened tonight.

Saturday morning I went to breakfast at Mama Bear's with Haley and Jenna. I'd never been there before but it definitely won't be my last visit. Emma Stoj was working behind the counter and I was so happy to get to see her. It was fun to get to hang out with the girls and catch up for awhile.

We had a YL leader meeting in the afternoon at Ryan's house. There were at least twelve of us there at one point which might be the most leaders we've ever had gathered at once. We had time for devouring Lauren's awesome snacks, devotion, fellowship and planning out dates of YL and Wyld Life Clubs for the rest of the semester. I get so excited about the potential of what we can do together. I want kids to be excited about all of this, to be hungry for more of a relationship with Christ, to be passionate about his love changing their life.

Friday night Rach and I drove out to Plainfield to meet the Depauw girls for dinner. Colleen, Chrissy, Molly and Mary are all Tecumseh counselors and I love getting to spend time with them. We're just over an hour away from each other while they're at school but I'm glad that we can carve out time to see each other.

Sunday morning I met my friends Jordan, Sarah and Abby at Common Ground. I love that as soon as I walked in to the sanctuary Kylie Houghton ran over to give me a hug, I turned around and saw my friend Audrey and then I got to sit next to Jon and Annie. I'm always thankful for familiar faces.

This morning they were speaking about being sent and instead of a sermon we heard from different people in the congregation who shared their stories. We heard from a man and woman who run the Invisible Girl Project that is fighting to save the lives of little girls in India who are murdered because of mass gendercide. They were actually just invited to testify in front of Congress this week. We got to pray for a team that's about to go on a vision trip to Africa. Then we heard from a husband and wife who will be going to Ireland soon to minister to the people there--not as preachers but people who will share Christ on days other than Sunday.

I went to lunch with Sarah, Abby and their new friend Katie after church. Sar and Abby were CILTs of mine a couple years ago and just finished their second year on Day Camp. Now they're both freshmen at Butler. I was happy to get to hear about school and all the things they're getting involved with on campus.

Tonight I hosted Chick Flick Sunday and had this beautiful mob of freshmen girls show up. Molly, Kate, Chloe, Genna, Kaitlyn, Julia, Anne and Maddy are each so awesome. I don't see them as often any more so this time with them is extra special.

We watched Uptown Girls but these nights are so much more about hanging out together than watching the movie. We filmed clips for our compliment cam, devoured bowls of popcorn, told homecoming stories and wrote top 10 lists.

Sitting in a circle like this and talking about things that really matter is the best part of what I get to do. I could do this every single day and never get tired of it. Tonight we wrote lists of 10 people we love and a compliment about each one. What if you texted 10 people and told them something you think they're really great at?

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