Monday, September 16, 2013

Jesse G Clothing #notjustforyou

If you know where to look, you can see that the world is full of good people that are making a difference. I'm lucky enough to be friends with people that are making a huge difference.
KCraig is my friend, fellow Young Life leader and another English teacher in my building. About two years ago KCraig and her family adopted a little boy from Ethiopia. His name is Jesse and he is crazy awesome. He loves playing with his big sister Alex, watching Thomas the Train and riding his bike.
Hannah and Riley where Carmel Young Life kids when I first met them and they have become two of my friends and favorite people. They lead HSE YL trips with me now and have such a heart for living out their faith.
Hannah and Riley recently started a company called Jesse G Clothing. It's named after KCraig's son so that they and we will remember what it's all about. This company is about helping kids just like Jesse in Ethiopia. It's not just for you.

KCriag, Hannah and Riley were all part of a team that went to Ethiopia this past summer. They were further inspired while they were there and this clothing line has taken off. 50% of the profit of each sale goes to the kids. The Food Project came first, supplying Hannah's Hope, an orphanage, with meals for the kids there.

The Library Project has just launched and we're so excited about it. The Lebu Library is a small tin shack with a blanket roof and a few outdated books. If we believe that education is the greatest weapon against poverty than we want to help this community have the tools that it needs to make their dreams come true. Their dreams matter. We're going to build a new library there together. For September and October every purchase from Jesse G Clothing helps fund the bricks and supplies that will become this new start.

I challenge you to join us in this mission. I think this is a phenomenal band wagon to jump on. Not only do you get a really sweet shirt, but you're helping kids halfway around the world. Go to Jesse G Clothing and check out the new apparel and classics like the frocket.  Follow @jessegclothing on Instagram and Twitter. Spread the word to your friends and get them to jump on board too. After all, it's not just for you.

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