Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"I know my brain is back there. It's filing right now. It hurts!"

I got to the HS after school just in time to see all of the kids coming out to the parking lot. I LOVE these five minutes. Mariah and Hayley stopped to talk to me first and then I got to hug or wave or talk to Saba, Hannah Conrad, Haleigh, Butler, Brooke, Kunk, Carly, the Van O girls and more kids.
El Camino is officially our new meeting spot and we took over our booth with baskets of chips and bowls of queso and salsa. You can't beat this after school snack. I love that we've set up the pattern that I get to see these girls every week and meet so intentionally together.

Rachel was so excited for us to write "Top 10 Things That Blow Your Mind." You know those things that you start thinking about and it just makes your brain kind of hurt? We each thought of 10 of them and it took so long to share our lists because we had to talk about each one and our minds were going crazy. The girls added notes about everyone else's lists all over their paper. Rachel's goal is to know write a list of 100 Things That Blow Your Mind.

I was so excited to go to dinner with Brookie Cookie tonight. She told me later, "We always have the best times together and always have smiles on our faces. I miss seeing you everyday now but can't even imagine what my life would be like if I didn't meet you." Tonight Brooke reminded me about the DC field trip because that's when we really became friends. We reminisced about my totally awful/awesome pink cheetah print sweatshirt I got for free. Getting to have Brooke in my cabin at Michindoh this summer was such a highlight. I loved singing together in Club, talking on our one on one, being goofy all day long and hearing her say, "Oh holy," every other minute. Incredibly thankful for this girl.

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