Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Taylor Swift, Jesus, Sarah Wright and Ellen Degeneres."

I love #awesometuesdays and love bombing the lunch ladies with thank you cards.
I love daily high-5s with the 8th grade guys and talking to them during lunch.
I love getting to work with KCraig and seeing her at school during the day.
I love starting a new project in class today, especially because it's about music.

I love making plans with Hannah Blachly.
I love that a big group of 7th grade boys are planning on coming to Friendship Bracelet Club.
I love watching the 7th grade volleyball girls come back to win in a third game.
I love seeing the 8th grade volleyball girls work so well together.

I love when Ellyn texts me about camp.
I love being in people's #tecumsehtuesday pictures.
I love random questions and imagining I really could hang out with Maggie, Ellyn, Sophie, Max, Katlyn, Grace, Emily, Nina, Jesus, TSwift and Ellen Degeneres tonight.
I love talking to Julia Dewolf about when she'll be a YL leader one day.

I love school selfies and hilarious videos from Chicago CILT girls.
I love never getting tired of talking to Katlyn.
I love finding old camp pictures and realizing I knew Katlyn, Chachi, Julia Plant and so many other girls back in 2008. There's something so cool about knowing our lives all overlapped before we were really friends.

Maddie Buel, Devon, Maeve McDermott, Olivia Kirshner, Kate and Sarah McTigue, Claire, Katlyn Freeman, Rachel O'Donnel, Katie Doman, Emily Ennis, Pria and Rain Hammon are all in the picture above.
Julia Plant, the Happ twins, Julia Plant, Caroline, Chachi Sheppard, Sam, Josie, Adare, Emily Burvan, Kiersten Joyce and Ryan are all in the picture above.

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