Monday, September 9, 2013

Friendship Bracelet Club love in Romania

Last Spring I was asked to help with a project. Molly, the older sister of one of my old students, was going on a mission trip to Romania and Hungary. She asked if the Friendship Bracelet Club would be able to make bracelets to take on this trip to give to kids she would meet at an orphanage there.

The FBC gathered a large number of kids the next week and we cranked out over 100 bracelets. I passed them along to Molly and hoped that some kids would end up loving these bright, colorful bracelets.

A few weeks ago I got a letter from Molly telling the adventures of her trip and she sent pictures to show where so many of the bracelets ended up.

Hi Miss Wright,

I want you to know how much I appreciate all the work that went into making all of those friendship bracelets. The fact that you and FBC took the time to make those for me to take on the trip was such a blessing. The children in the orphanages were so excited to get a bracelet and they also loved getting to pick their own out.

The Caminul Felix Orphanage is a private orphanage and the children are supported by sponsors and never able to be adopted. We also gave bracelets to the children at a state-run orphanage but we were unable to take pictures there because those children were up for adoption.

We also took a trip to a Gypsie camp. These people long ago were immigrants from Italy but because of their dark skin they are discriminated against and not allowed to own property, receive an education or hold any type of job whatsoever. We took them groceries but we also gave them some of your bracelets. They were so excited to get food and a fun bracelet.

These people were the poorest people I had ever seen but they were very welcoming and showed off the things that they did have. With your help my mission team was able to give the children and adults something to smile about.

Thank you FBC from the bottom of my heart for your help in making the world just a little bit brighter for one person. Those friendship bracelets that we left with them will be kept and treasured forever. I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful impact you have left on those children.

Thank you again,
Molly Martin


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