Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dream Weddings 2013

One of my favorite prompts for 7th graders is to have them write about their dream weddings. It's always fun to see what these twelve year olds write about and how their dreams differ so much between girls and guys.

I want to wear the classic white dress. The one my mom wore to marry my dad. A large Cake Boss cake would be sitting on the table. My mom and dad would cry and my cousins would dance like crazy. Maybe we'd even ride away in a carriage. The toast would be timed because I can't sit still for very long.
My wedding would be underwater and everyone would wear scuba suits. After they finish the talking we'd swim up to the yacht my husband owns. At the reception we'd all eat sushi and goldfish.
There would be white lights up all around and we'd have a 7-tiered vanilla cake. I'd wear a beautiful, sequined Vera Wang dress.
I'd have my dogs bring the rings up to us.
We have the ceremony in the gardens at the IMA and the reception in the ballroom inside. We'd have a two-teired red velvet cake with white butter cream icing.
The aroma of lavender drifts through the air and you can hear birds in the distance. The shore of the Hawaiian beach would be filled with shells and soft sands. My beautiful dress would float in the wind.

I'd like my wedding at White River Paintball. As soon as we kiss everyone would start shooting. Then we'd play until we beat all the girls. I think I can trick the bride into it.
This wedding would be during an HSE and Carmel wresting meet. During half time we'd get a cake at the buzzer.
People will have to bring a dessert to get into my wedding. Once you get in there will be a soccer game on the left and a jello pool on the right. There will be a VIP room underground but you have to jump into the golden toilet in the middle of the room in order to get there.
The best man would be the best dog ever. The pastor would be Michael Jordan because he's awesome. After we get married we'd skydive into Niagara Falls. Then we'd go back and have a campfire with all our friends and make s'mores.
There'd be a giant turkey leg hanging from the ceiling.
My wedding would be at Assembly Hall at center court. If there's one thing I love more than my wife it's Indiana Basketball. Instead of kissing the bride you'd get your "Bobby Knight" on and throw a chair across the court.

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