Friday, September 13, 2013

A Pep Talk For Students and Teachers -Kid President

I am a huge fan of Kid President. He's right up there with Bob Goff, Taylor Swift and Shauna Niequist on my list of people who are awesome. He just posted a new video A Pep Talk for Students and Teachers that you should check out.

"You're here. You take up space. You matter. That's just science."

I'm sharing this video with all of my students today because these ideas matter. When we respond to this video we're not just learning about writing, we're learning about life. We're talking about the questions Kid President brings up and thinking about what we're teaching the world. I'm challenging them to think about what qualities they can work on to become more awesome.
"It's like Walt Whitman said, "YOLO!" Except he didn't say that. You'd know that if you read a book. Seriously, read a book. Read any book. Except the vampire ones."

My kids are writing down quotes from the video that they think should go on a poster or an inspiring post on Instagram. I love seeing which words they pick and then why they think those lines are important.

"Life is school and you gotta show up."

"We can all be awful sometimes. We can all also be awesome."

Take 4 minutes to go watch the video. Then spend today making the world more awesome.

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