Saturday, September 14, 2013

"Our mission is Jesus and our method is friendship." YL Banquet 2013

Tonight I got to attend the first annual HSE Young Life Banquet. This is a very big deal. This night, organized by members of our YL committee, is the fundraising event for our yearly budget. Tonight we got bring together adults in our community that care about, want to support, or are interested in learning more about Young Life. 

The venue was spectacular and I was so impressed with every detail from the entrance and candles on the walk way, to the hall filled with pictures and the tables set immaculately with this vintage barn feel.

My favorite part was the hall filled with pictures from Young Life in the past year. We started just over a year ago with a trip to Timberwolf Lake with 34 kids and have grown leaps and bounds since then. This hallway was like a time capsule of memories with all of these kids.

Fall weekend, Campaigners with themes, sporting events and dinner dates, Michindoh and Sharp Top Cove, a dozen Wyld Life Clubs, Valentine Formal, so many Campaigners in the zebra room, 8th grade girl bible studies at the Coffee Spoon and more random adventures with these kids filled the walls.

Inside the main room was a table filled with home made desserts--the cutest things you've ever seen. Cake pops, layered pumpkin pie, lava cake, s'mores and cupcakes. I wanted one of everything.

I loved that they set up a station where guests could write love tank notes to their kids or leaders.

It didn't take long before the room was filled with 250 guests. Everything was put together perfectly and beautifully. I don't think they could have done a more spectacular job.

To give the guests a wider picture of Young Life beyond speakers and a video, we had several of our Young Life kids come tonight.

I always love getting to see these kids, but tonight it was really cool to see them take on this role.

Once dinner had begun, the HS kids went to assigned tables to tell them about Young Life, how they've grown in their faith, what their leader has meant to them and why they love YL so much. These are kids that really have been changed and who shape our community in huge ways. They are Young Life. They're why we're here.

Tonight it was a gift to sit in the audience and hear Ryan speak, watch the video of kids and leader interviews, listen to Ash and see all of these people come together to support what we're doing. They've got the vision and they want to make sure Young Life stays in HSE. We absolutely could not do this without their spiritual and prayerful support. Tonight I'm so thankful that this is where I get to be a Young Life leader.

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