Thursday, October 17, 2013

friendship bracelets 4 life

Thursday afternoons after the final bell rings I gear up for Friendship Bracelet Club. I stack up the spools of string, the box of scissors and tape and walk down the hall to the LGI room. About 75 kids fill up the room with all the energy and craziness of Junior Highers who have just been released from class.
We had a "backpack Dutch auction" this afternoon. I called out, "the first student with four assignment notebooks turned to Sept 12th," or "a student with their mouth full of water," or, "someone with five ponytails in their hair." They all scream and scramble to be the first team to send someone up to me. I love seeing these kids laugh and have fun doing such silly things.

Then we cut string to make our V bracelets. It takes awhile for all of them to cut string but they're patient and helpful and soon we're all making 4-knots. They tape their string to tables and chairs and walls. I rotate around the room, working on my own bracelet as I talk to different groups of girls.

Thursday afternoons make me feel a little bit like a camp counselor during all of this teacher craziness. It's almost like teaching friendship bracelet clinic with E-L-L-Y-N.

p.s. I'm working on the FBC sweatshirt design. I'll let you see the proof as soon as it's finalized!

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