Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Who doesn't love witchcraft? I love witchcraft."

Wednesday is the switch over day. Our Session 1 kids and counselors load up on the buses to go back home as soon as the Session 2 kids and counselors arrive to camp. I had to say goodbye to our Session 1 Young Life kids today. I've loved having Mason, Peyton, Chad, Meg and Brooke here the past few days.

We get a new set of teachers for Session 2 as well but Kriger, Wheeler and I are still going strong. I love hanging out with these ladies.

Now I'm so excited for this second crew of kids. Natalie and Saba are two of my favorite girls. They've been part of my life since I moved to Fishers and I love that I get to play with them here.

 Isa, another rockstar, is here too this session. No longer rookies, these girls are so excited to meet their students.

It's fun to see the other half of the 7th graders show up. They've been doing work in class the past couple days and now it's their turn to run around camp and have fun. I get to see the rest of my students who I've missed.

Marie and Ashley are two more YL girls that came with us to Sharp Top this past summer in Georgia. Abby and Mikaela are two girls that I just love from their Junior High days and still see pretty often. They've all got funny outfits for their kids and are excited to make the next few days so fun.

Based on the letter of their group, the counselors come up with costumes to unite all of their kids. Jack, a new counselor, totally won this year. Group V is for Vikings and each kid has a hat and armor.

We didn't have to go on a town run today but luckily we had a couple extras for cupcakes on day 3!

Sophie, an incredible Senior, has beards and bandanas for her DD Duck Dynasty group. Of course she had to bring Morgan Freeman to camp as well. Morgan and I did a little tree climbing this afternoon.

After dinner it was time for Capture the Bucket round 2 and the kids were really into it tonight.

I roam around the field to make sure everything is going okay. Then I  have fun with friends like Soph and Natty B, visit Mikaela and see lots of students.

In night 3 of Just Dance the kids sweated up a storm and were all smiles again. It's so fun to see them having such a blast with their friends and counselors.

I made it over to visit Crazy Olympics tonight too. The kids rotate through about fifteen different crazy  games with a small group. Crab walk soccer...

A plunger relay...

They get chained to a chair and try to get through a land mine...

And a little Scoot your buns just to name a few...

When the counselors got back from the story time at Opening Campfire we had a pizza party in the dining hall. Then it was off to bed for everyone. It's crazy that we only have two days left here at camp. The week is flying by.

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