Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Stop trying to make the wave hairstyle happen. It's not going to happen. Oh, and he likes Alaina."

The Bromance trio of Green, Beesley and Runge convinced a couple of us to play GaGa right after breakfast. It's not my forte but it was a fun time with all the teachers. Beesley can jump, must be because he teaches Wellness.

Then it was time for us to try out Archery. We had a whole set of teachers and parents trying it out and competing for the high score. I got up to 81 but one of the dads got first place with 87.

We're thinking about starting a teacher archery team. Don't mess with these folks.

Today Natty B rocked her CILTs shirt from this past summer. I love running into her every time the groups come back together this week. She's having so much fun with her group of 7th graders and they all love her.

The counselors are all wearing tie-dye today... many are also wearing tu-tus... and some are practicing their gymnastic skills in Main Field like Abby.

I'm so thankful for the staff that I get to work with at HSJH. This week I spend so much time with a small group of them and get to know them even better.

Today Beesley convinced them to go try some team building initiatives in the woods. I led our group up to the low ropes course and got to facilitate a couple activities. First they did Whale Watch and got the platform to balance. They only had to restart once and then tried to switch places.

Next we went to the Acid River where we had to cross the area using only three boards and the cement blocks. At first it's a mind bender to figure out how the boards will work logistically.

Not surprised that Mr. Brown was the one that figured out the logistics of the problem, we could then put the plan into action.

This afternoon I ran into Natty's group just after they finished all of their lessons. Because they got done so quickly now they'll have time to play around camp. They wanted to take some fun group pictures too.

Since we had time Natty and I had to take a couple really fun pictures too. Being really fun is one of our strengths.

I love that Nat overlaps with more parts of my life than anyone else. She's been my student, an FBC girl, went to Young Life camp, is a Wyld Life leader, comes on this trip and was a CILT last summer.

Gavin, Jack and Troy are three of my fav 7th grade boys. I don't have any of them in class yet but they're at everyone Wyld Life and are regular attendees of the Friendship Bracelet Club. It's been fun hanging out with them all over camp.

 I was on the Longhouse porch when I heard some singing coming from behind Mt. Wood. I wandered over and found this huge group of kids playing down by the banks. Then Nat and I got to teach some of them the CILT stomp.

During nominations tonight we had an Indian Fire Dance from some of the boys that was highly entertaining.

Our last night of Just Dance was extra sweaty, competitive and energetic.

So many Wyld Life kids that I know really well were in this rotation and I loved getting to see them going crazy.

Then it was time for night two of skits. Natty and Saba had a cameo as comedians in America's Got Talent. This pair has been making me laugh for years and it was fun seeing them do this together.

 This night always make me appreciate our staff even more. We had Green as the Good Fairy, Cooper was such a cute bunny, and Runge and Beesley were a ninja rabbit WWF duo.

Mr. Brown has the best alter ego characters-- Dirk and the thug in 12 Days. Tonight Green added "What does the Fox say?" to the 12 days and all the kids sang along. My gossip went over well with gasps from the audience and so many kids asking, "How did you know all that stuff?" after it was over.

Our cupcake party grew on night 4. You can never have too many cupcakes right?

It's a tradition to take the Senior counselors up to the Suspension Bridge on the last night and this time I went with them. It was fun walking up there with Sophie and Sammi, talking the whole way. We sat on the bridge with the whole group, looked up at the stars and told stories till midnight and then headed back down. Only one day left at camp!

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