Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Number one quality of a counselor is has to give GREAT hugs."

Nothing beats dinner at Cracker Barrel. Especially when you're having dinner for breakfast. I met Maddy, K Max, Olivia and Emma last night for some pancakes and eggs. These girls were all in CILTs together two summers ago but we love to still hang out.

Maddy and I hadn't seen Emma Flynn in far too long and it was good to be reunited. Mads and I had a sentimental moment on the way home about how much we'll miss getting to do everything together once she's at college next year. Thankfully that's still a long time away, so we'll just keep playing and having fun all the time for now.

Today I got my NUGGET! Ms Quigley, one of the awesome art teachers at my school, has been making nuggets of teachers and a few students this year. These mini-mes are then used on the student announcements that we film and then watch every day. After spending last week at camp with the dinky Dirk nugget I really wanted a Miss Wright nugget. Quigley pulled through and I'm so pumped about this lil' guy.

We had our annual Staff v Student vball game after school today. I sat on the bleachers with one of my teacher friends and multiple times we said, "Our school is so awesome." I'm thankful for teachers that will stay after school and participate in something like this. I love that kids show up to watch and cheer on their friends. I love that our staff really loves these kids. I'm all about Cam and Andrew dressing up as cheerleaders and getting the crowd to go crazy. HSJH rocks.

Maddy, Milly, Liz and I had a dinner date tonight. Maddy got brand-new glasses and it's her last day without braces. Liz got her braces off this morning and her smile looks beautiful. Milly is as Milly as ever.

Hanging out with these girls is always so great. They're funny and real and weird and smart and we never have enough time together.

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