Friday, October 18, 2013

HSE Blue Out

Trulock had the brilliant idea to tailgate before tonight's football game. She brought her husband's truck and was so pumped that she had an actual tailgate. We don't know how to grill out so we brought pizza instead. Friends stopped by as they walked through the parking lot to grab a piece or just to hang out.

We got to hang out with HS leaders, freshmen girls, a couple of our Jr High Maddys and Trulock's family.

When it was time for the game I hung out in the stands with the girls and got to see so many HSE and YL kids. I love Marie and Hannah and that they both shrieked when they found out we're getting YL Spirit Jerseys. (You can get one too!)

I'm such a fan of the cheerleaders that I know like Jackie, Sydni, Hannah, Haley, Arielle, Haleigh and Linds. These girls are so fun and they do such an awesome job at every game.

It's Senior Night so all the Seniors in the crowd rocked crowns. I got to see Sammi, Sophie and Hannah  for a little bit. These girls are fantastic.

At half time I headed inside the school with Lori to meet Ryan and start setting up for Wyld Life Club. We have an awesome team of leaders that are committed to Wyld Life this year. Hannah and Riley even came home from Purdue to hang out with us tonight. Our HS kids--Maggie, Nick, Brannt, Natty, Mariah, Hayley, Maddy, Chad, Max and Jacob are the best. Then we've got Jorge, Alex, Ryan, Trulock and KCraig. So incredibly thankful. It takes a village.

The kids rolled in after the game finished dressed in their Royals Blue and ready to party. This was our first time having a Club after a game but we figured since they're already all here and no one has to be home early this could be the perfect timing.

We rented the Aux gym of the HS and our kids filled up the room as they belted out the lyrics of "Roar" and danced with their friends. I love running around to different groups of kids to sing with them or take their picture or meet them for the first time.

I love seeing Nick with his brother's and their friends, all of them going crazy and living the dream.

KCraig and I have been talking this week about the image of God's table and how everyone is welcome. There is a seat for you and you just have to decide to sit down and engage. I love when the kids gathered together at Club reflect that table. We have kids from different walks of life and different groups of friends, but they're all here gathered together. Everyone is invited.

Five kids competed in a highly aerobic streamer-unwinding-race. The crowd voted Ellie the champion.

We had a raw biscuit relay by having rows of kids pass biscuit dough just by having it stick to their foreheads.

The Instagram race was such a success on Monday that we decided to try it again tonight. They posted pictures in pyramids, doing the shaky face, group selfies, lifting up leaders and making a video announcement of our next Club.

Watching a whole room full of kids making pyramids as fast as they can is hilarious.

Watching a room full of kids all yell a video announcement at their phones at the exact same time is also hilarious.

We sang a mash-up of Wrecking Ball and Knew You Were Trouble and Hannah and I got to sing like crazy with these 8th grade girls. I love each of them and how fun and ridiculous they are.

And this girl? Maddy Carter just makes my heart so happy. She runs to me screaming, "MISS WRIGHT!" and hugs me literally every time she sees me. I love that she just can't keep her joy contained. I love that she is friends with so many people in her grade and is always befriending and hanging out with someone new.

KCraig shared at the end of the night about her relationship with her own brother and the story of the Prodigal Son. Kathy is so authentic and real and honest. Whether it's screaming in the hallway at school about chick-o-sticks or up front at Club sharing her heart for Christ-- you know it's never an act with her. Tonight kids got to hear about how God's love isn't reserved for anyone. It's not just for perfect kid or the kid that screws up, it's for everyone. Everyone is already invited.

I'm thankful that I got to spend my Friday night like this with leaders, HS and Jr High kids. I'm thankful for a place where I belong and a community that feels like home. A few years ago I knew nothing about Fishers but now I can't imagine being anywhere else.

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