Saturday, October 12, 2013

"Well, we just broke out of jail, and then apparently instead of running we do a two minute dance."

Weeks ago Brooke and I made plans to hang out on October 12th because it was the next weekend night that both of us would be free. Finally after much anticipation October 12th arrived. Julia and Malena came over to play too. Our first fun thing was to make our own pizzas.

Julia got gluten free crust and Brookie got nervous because she doesn't know how to cook and Malena helped and encouraged everyone. We had a little pizza picnic on the ground and it was really precious.

Then we wrapped up all of our white shirts and went outside to tie-dye. We started with this...

And after some experimenting and utilizing our arts and crafts skills, we ended up with these!

We're stoked to see how they all turn out but we've got to be patient before untying them. Getting too excited is always my down fall when it comes to tie dye. I want to unwrap and wash them right away and then I wash out all of the dye. This time we'll wait a really long time because theses are going to be sweet.

Next we wanted to walk over to the lake to take pictures. Just as we were passing Chloe's apartment Julia yelled, "HI CHLOE!" at the building. Not a second later, Chloe appeared from the opposite direction walking with her family. We were all so excited to see her and she hung out with us for a little bit.

Malena had to leave to go baby-sit but I'm so glad we got to hang out for awhile. The rest of us adventured out to the Saxony beach, which was a bit rebellious of us since it's closed, but we stayed far from the water.

 These girls are each so incredibly different from one another but I love them so much. I'm thankful for their gumption, their laughter, their hearts, their goofiness and this journey they're on to figure out who they are. I'm lucky to get to be their YL leader and their friend.

After we said bye to Brookie and Chloe, Julia and I made a trip to Dairy Queen for dessert and top 10 lists. Tonight we made lists of 10 Fun Things We Want To Do Together In Fishers and 10 Spontaneous Things We Wish We Could Do Right Now. I love Julia's imagination and getting to talk about creative, audacious plans with her. October 12th turned out to be quite a success.

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