Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Maybe I need that in my life. Maybe I need a $4 crayon that I can't control."

This semester has flown. It seems like it was just back to school week but there was frost on my car this morning and college students are home for Fall Break. Though I hate the cold, I love getting to see my friends when they're in town.
Tonight I had a date to play with Molly Henry and Alli Kenney, two friends from Camp Tecumseh. We used to get to hang out on an almost weekly basis but now we look forward to nights like this full of our favorite things.
We got to hang out at the Henry house. Checking out the racks at Goodwill, we found jerseys for Molly and this Pacers shirt reminded me of Ellyn and our Warrior Gold Swagger. Of course we went to Monical's for pizza and Diet Coke because that's just what we do. In Alli Kenney's words, "PIZZA FOR LIFE!" Then we finished the night with a nice leisurely stroll through Target. Max the cat is poppin' up on all sorts of shirts and I found a new chevron frame to add to my collection. Thankful for these friends and time together.

Low of the day-- My camera is broken. It's had a cracked screen for awhile which isn't a big deal, but last night the shutter button fell off at YL. Literally it just fell off. I taped the button back on for the short term but it just wasn't going to make it for the long term. I've taken it to get fixed but I'm going to have to wait about two weeks to get it back. Ugh. I go through this at least once a year since I use my camera so often. There will be a shortage of pictures on the ol' bloggity blog as I have just my iPhone camera to work with right now.

In honor of #tecumsehtuesday I'd like to take you on a little trip down memory lane.
Session 3 2011 had a spontaneous relay obstacle race during dinner in the Party Room. Easily one of the funniest Sunday night dinners of my life.

When we found an old VHS Barbie Dance Workout video Arielle, Emily, Mary and I had to take our campers to the workout room (aka the Main Lodge basement) to get back to the basics. Of course we had to dress up in our best 80s workout wear too.

Arielle and I once had a cabin of girls that were obsessed with playing with tires. One of them wanted to be a hobo and talked in her hobo voice all week. Every minute of free time these Blazer girls would go find the tires in Main Field to roll around.

Session 1 2012 I finally got to fulfill my dream of sleeping out at Ghost Cabin. It was easily one of the most terrifying nights of my life because all 33 of us were sure we were going to get attacked by the raccoons that were hissing only a few feet away. Most of us barley slept and debated whether it would be safer to sleep on our backs with our arms free to fight or on our stomachs to protect our faces.

Thankfully we survived and even overslept in the morning because we never heard our alarm. We packed up all our stuff and hightailed it back through the Oak Forest in under ten minutes to make it to breakfast on time.

This same group of CILTs also got to show up in the middle of a Day Camp Staff Training session to perform their new CILT cheer. Between their parkcour skills, show choir faces and unlimited enthusiasm I was so proud.

In one of the final weeks of my father's time at Camp Tecumseh I got the chance to be the Indian princess torchbearer on stage at Closing Campfire. Holding that heavy torch wasn't as difficult as keeping a straight face the whole time.

At the end of 2012 Arielle and Ellyn were partners of 3 weeks. Their last week they got lucky with the greatest group of Brave girls that ever lived and had nightly prank wars between counselors. (Unfortunately all the balloons under Ellyn's mattress made it feel comfy rather than popping and scaring her like we expected.)

Flashback to the first CILT reunion ever in 2008 with a whole generation of kids that made me fall in love with being a counselor. I can't imagine what my time at camp would look like if it hadn't started with three summers of these girls.

Two of the best counselors I've ever worked with, Eric Glanders and Sarah Fitz were my coord partners in the LV and first CILT partners in 2008. Together we revamped the CILT program, figured out what in the world we were supposed to be doing, laughed and led together and made some of my favorite Tecumseh memories.

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