Monday, October 14, 2013

"I was very popular in 6th grade. I had almost 150 friends in all. That's because I used the three traits CFN. C stands for cute. F stands for funny. N stands for nice."

Love Does girls (the big group) met this Monday morning since we were at Camp T last week and couldn't get together. Waking up this early on a Monday is hard but worth it when you get to talk about Bob Goff's stories and the kind of life God is inviting us into. Week by week the girls get more comfortable with opening up and sharing what they think.

My hands look very smurf-like lately because I've been tie-dying up a storm. I started with Brooke, Julia and Malena on Saturday night, kept going on Sunday with the extra dye and then unrolled all the shirts today. I'm pumped about how all of the shirt turned out. Now I just have to be extra patient and not wash them out too early.


The HSE volleyball teams played at home for the last time tonight. Sitting on the bleachers watching this Freshmen team compete has been one of my favorite weekly events since school started. All of these girls are rock stars and it's fun to have a connection with each one of them.

I think I love watching this team because they actually function as a team. They value all of the other people in this group. They laugh together and have rituals and special handshakes. They encourage one-- especially when they're down. They celebrate together at the end of the match and every single point while it's going on. I think this is what a team is supposed to look like.

This month's Young Life Club is Instagram themed. It's hard to dress up as Instagram, but Maddy had the brilliant idea that we could dress up as #tecumsehtuesday.

She's a genius. I always love an occasion to break out all my camp favorites-- neon CILT hat, wooden name tag, crazy Nike shorts, Tecumseh spirit jersey, Sperry's with socks, neon backpack covered in friendship bracelets, Diet Coke in hand and of course Max the cat. Maddy made sure to rock a staff polo and giant bow as well.

I think you should be greeted like this every time you walk into a party. Tonight this is how everyone entered the Club room at the Yacht Club. Our HS leaders did an awesome job of screaming, high-5ing and cheering people as they walked in. Everyone is welcome.

Seeing who shows up every week for Club is half the fun. Because fall sports are coming to an end more of our old YL kids can start coming again. I was pumped to see Haleigh and Haley run through the doors tonight.

A whole crew of sophomore girls showed up, many of which were in my cabin this past summer at Sharp Top.

I was so excited to see these freshmen girls together. They started as Wyld Life kids last year and now get to be more involved with Young Life.

Freshmen are so fun. I love that they're bringing their friends and so much energy.

After singing a couple songs to start we had a #mancrushmonday battle. Four boys were put inside this ring, ready to dodge and dart. Four girls were blindfolded and handed pillows aka "like" buttons. Their objective was to find and hit the boys as many times as they could to get the most "likes."

My favorite game of the night was an Instagram race. The kids broke up into small groups of about 6-8 people. For each round they had to choose someone to post. Then we put the challenge for that round up on the screen.

The first round was, "human pyramid, filter- Rise, #hseyounglife @hseyounglife" and the kids scrambled to be the first group to get their post up.

Ryan and I watched the feed as all their pictures came in and declared the winner. Other rounds included a selfie with everyone's face, a picture looking down at their bare feet and everyone making a fake cry face. We're so photogenic.

The raffle prizes tonight were sick. We had neon snapbacks from YL camp, YL sweatbands and a furry Wolf blanket in honor of #wolfshirtwednesday.

I'm really excited about having our HS leaders more involved with our Clubs this year. Tonight they put together a #transformationtuesday skit. Chad played Bob Barker and narrated different characters going into this mystery machine and being transformed as they came out the other side.

I'm proud of these kids for taking ownership this year and being so hilarious. Now they can't wait to show the skit again at Wyld Life Club on Friday night after the football game.

Our #womancrushwednesday game was one we saw at the leader Summit a couple weeks ago. Haley, Blaire and Alli Sams had a candle-lighting, Orange-Crush chugging contest. You could only chug your soda when your candle was lit and you had to remember to keep blowing out the candles of your competitors.

We only had one spill and a lot of creative defense going on. Alli Sams led the whole time but Blaire came through and won in the end.

Tonight was the first time we met at the Indy Yacht Club and I already love this location. It's perfect for what we're doing and the perfect size for us right now. Tonight we had all four classes represented and several brand-new friends-- we just keep growing.

Ryan shared with us during the Club Talk tonight about his story and how Christ has been with him this past year. Today is October 14th. Last year on October 14th Ryan finished a concert with his group Straight No Chaser on a cruise ship tour. He then told the other nine members that he had decided to leave the group to go on staff with Young Life in Fishers. During that conversation there were thirteen people in the room but Ryan could feel a fourteenth person right there with them. He knew that God was with him right there in that moment.

He didn't know what the next year or even the next couple weeks would look like, but God told him, "I am with you." You don't need all the answers, you just have to trust that God is with you.

I love that we always break up into small groups at the end of our clubs here. Our kids and our leaders love this time to dive into conversation together. Especially when there are new girls that I don't know, this gives me a chance to get to know them a little deeper.

A group of freshmen and sophomore girls came with me up to the balcony for the last part of the night. We sat in a circle and talked about Ryan's talk and answered questions he gave us. The rest of Club is really fun and I love playing all of those games, but I think this is such a huge part of what we do. This is something they don't really get anywhere else.

Young Life Club is awesome. We get to invite new friends to come and join us. We get to sing "Roar" and hit our friends with pillows. We get to not worry about anything else for an hour. We get to win sweet neon green hats. We get to hear the truth about Christ in an authentic, personal way. We get to live life to the full together. We get to be part of a community.

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